At this time we are running this web site as a hobby, the intention is simply to share the gems that we find as we explore photos, videos and information around abandoned and empty places here on the internet and beyond. We have no firm idea of the future for this web site, we simply hope that the site grows, evolves and gives pleasure.

Contributions and Comments

If you have a suggestion for an addition to, or an improvement of the site, or would like to contribute work to share please get in touch. We can’t promise to be fast as this has to come after family life and work, we will get in touch as soon as possible. Have you written an essay that might be of interest?

We can’t guarantee to share everything we are offered. We will do our best to be inclusive. We will choose work that is relevant and of a high quality. Please don’t take offence if we decide not to include your offerings.

As this site is run just for fun and with limited resources, we have not enabled comments as we would likely not have time to moderate or reply.


Firstly, thank you to every person whose work is here. Your work has been chosen for it’s excellence and relevance.

The owner of this site will take no credit for any work that is not their own, and will do their best to use the appropriate credits at all times. If you are the owner of anything on this site and feel it has not been correctly used please get in touch and I will make sure things are put right as fast as possible.

Many photographs have come from All of them are used with permission via the creative commons license scheme. We have only chosen this set to commercial use allowed in case this site should ever end up with a revenue from advertising, sales of artists work or otherwise.

If you are happy to submit your own work for inclusion here please specify the credit you would like used.